15 October 2010

new arrivals in the shop

inspiring vintage books to go along with your fall projects:
hunting wild mushrooms, shell collector's handbook, green plants for grey days,
plants that really bloom indoors,
oregon's rivers guidebook, the living plant, sandpainting

vintage by greasy (Centralia, WA)-pocket knives, books, drinking cups, $6-$8.

destroy design( San Francisco, CA)- triangle gift cards and gold patterned hand-screened blank writing books, $4-$5.

paper mode(France) embroidered blank writing books, $18.

andy lifschutz (NYC)- 5 new sterling one of a kind hand-forged rings, $55-$110.

plainmade by chelsea heffner (Portland,OR)- new fall 'false knit' silk scarf colors: champagne, burnt orange, pale, $44.

machete knits by anna evans (Portland,OR)- simple hand knit cowls and scarves in super soft cashmere and merino wools.
$38-$42 each, in soft winter colors-navy,sungold, pale, charcoal.

i saw the leaves turning colors today..what was life like before we had seasons?
see you soon. bundle up


Sweet Ronit said...

I want that book on sand painting! And the merino and cashmere scarves look lovely.

sword+fern said...

thank you! it can all be yours, friend!
xoxo eb

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