27 October 2012

CONTENT 2012 is happening- November 11

We will be in room #220 at the ACE this year to celebrate,show,and participate with a ton of awesome Portland artists, fashion designers, and makers ! 
One night ONLY!

Please come and enjoy some really new work I am showing, alongside a beautiful interactive sound installation by Pawprince, Kerby's new solo project!
 Here is a sneak peek at some of the pieces /new lines I will be showing:

Sword + Fern presents "YOUJOY" as the concept of the night.
"YOUJOY" is Emily's current mantra-a playful aphorism she uses to describe her way of increasing our frequency of happiness and health, just by being yourself. YOUJOY means incorporating small delights into every day in a seamless, fluid motion via smart work: art, music, garden and object-making, thinking, loving, messing up and cracking up...in your own way that is just you. 
Much of the new collections and the new line, Water Logic, are intuitively designed, and influenced by Emily's immersion into Shambhala Buddhist teachings, from favorite teachers Pema Chödrön and founder of Shambhala, Chögyam Trungpa
From Shambhala.org:
"This (Shambhala) tradition teaches how to live in the (secular) world with courage and compassion.
Buddhism offers methods to clarify our mind, open our heart, and face the realities of human life, while the Shambhala teachings offer practices for rousing our life force and connecting with the natural power and energy of the phenomenal world. The combination of these wisdom traditions offers a contemporary, effective spiritual path. Following it, we can reclaim our natural birthright of wisdom and compassion, and work with others to bring about the best in human society."
YOUJOY.you are joy.joy is you.
"What will Sword + Fern's crystal vision look like? It entails a sensory exploration of shape and sound.

For CONTENT 2012, Emily Baker has stepped away from the role of jewelry designer and ventured into the new territory of sculptural objects,and will debut “Water Logic”, a sparkling new line of conceptual sculptural objects and textiles that intrigue the visual and tactile senses.Tabletop pieces,textiles and wall hangings-jewelry for the home. 
Creating mobiles, organically hung sculpture, and intricate displays for her brick and mortar shop over the years, Baker decided to go full force into creating a line of architectural objects for enjoying and displaying, keeping to her mainstay jewelry materials like wood, copper, brass, glass,and found ephemera, and using raw materials brand new to her such as concrete, mirrors, and silk textiles.
Curated alongside Water Logic will be Baker's F/W 2012 jewelry/wearables collection “Memorizer”. The line features healing copper, hand-dyed wood in bold ombre colors,engraved leather, silkscreened scarves,cast concrete,and mirrors that beautifully temper the object collection's fluidity.
S + F's Content presentation also includes PAWPRINCE-a solo adventure from Kerby Ferris of dreamy, Portland trio Lovers-who will create an interactive sound installation."
- text by Elissa Hall

New fall goods have blown in...

hanging leather+porcelain planters by Farrah Sit

 Medicine of the People salves, tinctures, and creams

 Roots Soap Co. salves
 Shino Takeda hanging ceramic planters
 Osei-Duro bogolon totes
 TOM TOM magazine, a magazine about female drummers from every genre of music=genius and inspiring.
 gold detailed ceramics by The Object Enthusiast
 Ceramics and jewelry by VISTA

magic is pyramidically attracting you to me