27 February 2010

new in the shop

pyrite and freshwater pearls on vintage silk strand

quartz point and freshwater pearl on vintage silk strand
hand shaped driftwood point and found metal with leather on chain

recycled glass diamond drop earrings
banded oregon agate cubes
recycled glass pyramid pendants
recycled glass tusks
recycled glass pyramids

chainlink silkscreened textiles by baltimore designer sarah templin
simple stripe canvas totebags by pound ridge, new york designers pawling
tiny dishes, vases, porcelain chainlinks, and many- headed porcelain animals-beautiful ceramic oddities by new hampshire designer megan bogonovich

metallic linen clutches from new york designer marketa

tiny succulent ceramic planters that hang on the wall by photographer/-turned ceramics rookie eden bakti-her stunning photo work can be seen heresilk spring scarves by portland designer chelsea heffner- only 2 left!

26 February 2010

on the edge of spring

new inspiration for coming days
via intranets/my dreeeaamamz/petracortright.com/nightwoodny.com

22 February 2010

nice press with a current/future collections sneak peek from oregonlive.com!

Click here to read the Sword+Fern website launch article by the awesome Jen McCabe at oregonlive.com

Incidentally, I love what she wrote last week about Nationale and May JB.. She put into words what I always feel when I think about May's psychic curating style. Can't wait to have her in the 811 building with us!

new in the shop

limited edition hand screened 'false knit' 100% silk spring scarves from
chelsea heffner/ plainmade (portland):
4 colors. $38 each. there are only 4 of these beauties.
i own 2- one goes around my neck, and one hangs on my wall.

swordandfern.com is ALIVE!

my website is now launched.
please visit swordandfern.com and let me know what you think. i am exhausted from the days of work leading up to today...
more later..LOVE!

17 February 2010

an epic portland valentine=music,mystics,looove,kombucha+spirit animals of the woods

photo of dusty springfeelins by honey o...where did those rainbows come from?!inside our heads....
linger and quiet

the miracles club, rad summer, VALETDJ brkfst sandwich
DJ linoleum
i'm usually not one for the commercial consumer holidays.... i love getting my vday card in the mail every year from mom and dad. i make a little special meal, give my baby a treat or two and it's all good. but this year.......blew everything out of the water and now i fear i am spoiled.
it started with this gift.. :
from K @standup comedy. i've been wanting it forever.
scent #3: The Spirit of Wood, by COSMIC WONDER Light Source & Philippe Paparella-Paris.
- a limited edition collaborative scent by a series of designers.
Inspired by the nature-oriented collections of the designers and a walk through a eucalyptus forest. A rough and natural scent focused on the woody notes. Ingredients: green grass, fig leaves, cypress, elemi, coriander, cedarwood, vetiver, hinoki, white amber.

and then the most best valentine's night happened.
holocene booker/photographer/rad friend megan holmes asked a bunch of portland musical couples (that's us!) to come up with some original musical stuff to play or DJ on V-DAY..
the evening was magic.
rachel carns from the need has a new kombucha company in oly, called magic kombucha , she sent us a bunch for free -so delicious.
we got to spend the night with good friends +some of my longtime favorites, playing some of the raddest jungle space disco cuts ever all night.
kerby and i debuted our new project, dusty springfeelins.
we wrote all our songs in about 5 days, more or less.
our songs were messy with our blood, sweat, tears, and animals masks with built in mics.
i played a giant piece of driftwood and some old rusty cups along with the SPDS and kerby played the micrkorg and some other stuff. i was a giraffe. she was a two headed fox.
we looked kind of like return of the jedi bar scene. we had space onesies on.well hers was a vintage flight suit, and mine was a rip stop nylon tyvek suit.
because we had only rehearsed the songs like 5 times, i had forgotten which was which a couple times on my set up and kerby said it was hilarious to look over in the low light during our set and see a nervous little giraffe frantically trying to read her notes for the next song.
we ended our set with a dance to a classy A.M. radio hit, michael mcdonald's 'i keep forgettin'.
we still can't get it out of our heads.

we loved meeting honey from VALET-whose records get worn out in sword+fern.
she also owns the super vintage store up the street called rad summer of course.
she and her sweetheart, raf, DJ and perform together as the miracle's club. i'll probably never miss another show of theirs.

we also are secretly in love with matt+genevieve AKA DJs linger+quiet, the champions behind the awesome party nightclubbing. we get to open for next month's nightclubbing (march 6th at holocene)and we are really feeling like, well, total disco nerds about how excited we are to DJ with them.
also in the place was DJ linoleum who always plays the sweetest and her GF legolas was selecting with her and that was damn cute.
we kind of couldn't hold any conversations together while DJ brkfst sndwch and his lady liz were spinning.
they just kept deciding to play amazing song after WTF song and we were too distracted by how rad they were.
the best conversation of the night was a tech one: kerby said that someone told her "everything i know i learned by watching teenagers on you tube."
it was also hilarious to hear chelsea tell me, "here comes the jungle beat..wait for it.." because she'd been listening to me play the set all day at home right before the show.
if i wasn't already performing i would def be there on a date because it was srsly the cutest thing ever to see couples doing all that music together....
i don't know what else to write except, 2010 truly is ruling. keep it coming. you won't be disappointed.
thanks megan/holo/everyone for the best VD of all time.
*come see dusty at FAME's 1st bday party on march 3rd!!*

10 February 2010

new in the shop

handmade metallic linen zipper pouches, from marketa, new york city.
perfect size to carry pencils/cards/lipstuff/phone/ and things- n- stuff.

magic is pyramidically attracting you to me