30 July 2009

jeanne d'ark

model kerby ferris
styling emily baker
photos christine taylor at happyplayground.com

14 July 2009

Olio United trunk show!

Shop the Olio United trunk show, ON NOW! July 13-18th only.

Sword + Fern

Emily Baker is an artist on many levels: she landscapes, she drums, she paints, she runs a little shop, and she makes jewelry out of recycled car parts.

Sword and Fern is Emily’s eco-friendly collection of earrings and necklaces. Comprised of used steel car parts, vintage chains, and recycled glass, these industrial, yet well-crafted pieces are a local favorite in the Portland art and fashion scene.

We are proud to present the latest Sword and Fern collection as part of the EAST + WEST Eco-Trunk Show. Twenty styles are available for purchase through July 18.

Music Necklace
$65.00 $55.00
Sun Earrings
$42.00 $35.00
Burnside Earrings
$42.00 $35.00
Ancient Future Necklace
$95.00 $85.00
Fern Earrings
$42.00 $35.00
Promises Necklace
$72.00 $58.00
Vision Earrings
$42.00 $35.00
Magic Beach Necklace
$95.00 $85.00
Moon Earrings
$42.00 $35.00
Ceremony Necklace
$84.00 $72.00
Ellisport Necklace
$55.00 $45.00
Falls Earrings
$42.00 $35.00
Kjordis Earrings
$46.00 $35.00
Best Friends Necklace
$72.00 $65.00
Swan Island Earrings
$42.00 $35.00
Stallion Necklace
$72.00 $55.00
Solo Necklace
$72.00 $55.00

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