14 July 2009

Olio United trunk show!

Shop the Olio United trunk show, ON NOW! July 13-18th only.

Sword + Fern

Emily Baker is an artist on many levels: she landscapes, she drums, she paints, she runs a little shop, and she makes jewelry out of recycled car parts.

Sword and Fern is Emily’s eco-friendly collection of earrings and necklaces. Comprised of used steel car parts, vintage chains, and recycled glass, these industrial, yet well-crafted pieces are a local favorite in the Portland art and fashion scene.

We are proud to present the latest Sword and Fern collection as part of the EAST + WEST Eco-Trunk Show. Twenty styles are available for purchase through July 18.

Music Necklace
$65.00 $55.00
Sun Earrings
$42.00 $35.00
Burnside Earrings
$42.00 $35.00
Ancient Future Necklace
$95.00 $85.00
Fern Earrings
$42.00 $35.00
Promises Necklace
$72.00 $58.00
Vision Earrings
$42.00 $35.00
Magic Beach Necklace
$95.00 $85.00
Moon Earrings
$42.00 $35.00
Ceremony Necklace
$84.00 $72.00
Ellisport Necklace
$55.00 $45.00
Falls Earrings
$42.00 $35.00
Kjordis Earrings
$46.00 $35.00
Best Friends Necklace
$72.00 $65.00
Swan Island Earrings
$42.00 $35.00
Stallion Necklace
$72.00 $55.00
Solo Necklace
$72.00 $55.00

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