31 December 2011

January rest: shop hours this week

The shop will be closed from Sunday January 1 until Thursday January 5- for replenishing, re-stocking, and rejuvenating..shop will re-open at 12 on Friday January 6- and stay open until 9 pm for First Friday that evening. I'm already hunting new treasures for the coming seasons!
A big thank you to all for your love and visits during 2011, and wishing you a healthy, happy, & perfect 2012..
image via the whip smart googling hands of Lisa Radon

29 December 2011

Hello twenty twelve, we're glad to see you

Marjorie from the PDX Mercury asked Portland designers and fashion industry folks to name their favorite style moments of 2011, and extend their predictions or ideas for the future. Some of it was published today in her year-end Sold Out edition but here's the rest of my two cents-love it or not:

Pendleton Portland Collection, the Golden Rule lookbooks, the textiles designed by After All & Afton Hakes for Gretchen Jones SS12 collection, Anya winning Project runway, Sarah Burton's Alexander McQueen collections, Jenna Lyons/J.Crew creative director coming out as a lesbian and finding love with Philip Crangi's hot sister,Erin Considine Jewelry'11, Mociun Jewelry'11,Prism Factory(in-house dyed/vintage t-shirt line at Palace), Boet Jewelry, Ms. Wood leather bags and shoes.
Jenna-n-Courtney 4Ever

Personally for 2012 I see both men and women reflecting their newly heightened -consciousness through fashion, now more than ever- and really fearlessly.
Example looks:
-Androgynous version of Stevie Nicks, communicating with peaceful aliens while alternately floating in nebulas,and riding horseback in a prairie.
-Ritual/Meditation/yoga-ready gear:flowing fabrics, soft materials, interesting prints, easy to wear.
Everything we wear will send telepathic messages, we will talk to each other through our special way of dressing.
Anything that promotes this message, garden/floral/plant/space/galaxy prints, especially on tailored tops and bottoms- things fit us perfectly.
-Crisp, clean, handsome looks for men+women, menswear, androgyny,worn-in but tailored, you just got finished working in the garden, and now it is on to the disco- with flowing skirts, tailored jackets, wild plant prints everywhere. LED fabrics.Celestial Greenhouse Disco Apothecary vibes everywhere.

Materials: sheer metallic, white lace for both men and women, natural fibers, raw silk.

Hair:shave crop circles into the sides of our heads,really tiny ones or oversized ones too, alongside shaggy or flowing natural locks.

Amulets/jewelry: mirrors,high shine metals,circles, extremely personal, meaningful adornments, everything has a meaning,nothing is frivolous,and everything sends a message of non-violence and peace. 
Every graphic will be designed in the effort to increase peace and the understanding of peace in a completely conscious way, no more violent/old world iconography, i.e.: guns, hater slogans, hunting, killing, cultural appropriation.

Everyone finds interest in creating their own personal symbology and connecting with designers telepathically is the new way of creating very personal wardrobes.
Everyone clears up their issues with anything that has lead them down that old path; everyone becomes completely clear in their understanding of what their own personal message is and finds the perfect fashion to portray their message.
Essentially we all become extreme empaths and our fashion will reflect that.
It will be super easy to find the perfect thing to wear!!

Find it in Portland:
Eramhigheel by BLESS @STAND UP
Telepathy necklace/Sword+fern

Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 8.50.06 AM.png
Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 8.53.07 AM.png
Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 8.51.14 AM.png
moongarden shoes by Portland Artist Betsy Walton
Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 9.12.42 AM.png

17 December 2011

oh, and also, O P EN  til 8 on Friday December 23rd!! almost forgot!

16 December 2011

My favorite winter gifts

oversized sea urchin and circle necklace 

fancy men's recycled glass minimal necklace

glass + bronze earrings

glass, sea urchin + pyrite necklace

snakey glass bolo style necklace

vintage trade beads + circle necklace, purple pyramid+black sword necklace

vintage enameled post earrings

a slice of agate, Early Jewelry gold crescent moon earrings

gemstone post earrings

wolves and moose by song& branch 

vintage studio pottery

porcelain chain by melabo

gold lipped salt dish + spoon by susan dwyer

mystical charm necklaces

Increased Holiday Hours

Holiday O P E N hours:
December 16-23:
Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Open 10am - 7 pm
Monday-Thursday: Open 12pm - 7pm
Closed December 24+25
Warm Wishes from Sword+Fern!

13 December 2011

Photos from Transparent Geometry

My recent glass work on display along with Kendal Hathaway's glass objects, see below post for more information.
Photos by Derek A. Welte.

magic is pyramidically attracting you to me