31 March 2009

outfits;fits out

1.patti smith+lizzy mercier,1977.
3.the knife
4.golden girls/natural fibre wonders

30 March 2009

sword+fern on crazy internet connections rollercoaster ride popularly known as 'facebook'

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new things: springsprungsprang bang pop dance+dress

top: the flyer i made for our new dance night:FAME! come and GET IT ON!
i DJ old skool dance hits and 90'club faves,forgotten disco, + frankie knuckles/janet jackson/expose..lovin the steez of new york 1981/ detroit 1986 lately, so come out and listen! our rotating DJ crew equals canadian takeover and lots of fun.it's every wednesday and there's no cover!!i DJ next on April 22nd.
bottom: i want this dress to wear to lord bison's wedding on april 18. it's at stand up comedy right next door to me.

THE WAY WE LIVE+thinking of you

2.shiny disco ball
3.high fivin'
4.braille tattoo
5.what the number 84 looks like
a song for KF:
sleepy disco dancer/you wait to sing before you fall/ asleep is when i kiss you/after night calls/you and 4/4 make new real future love /while you hold the crystal ball..
streets share beats
and alleys make heat
when you light my dancefloor room eyes up.

24 March 2009

a swarm of bees in my spring equinox head.

on lovely kerby: ceremony necklace, $72.
pyramids of light and strength.new drawings by me.
red triangle mobiles in the spring welcome window. come leave me a note.
vintage scarves for spring. explode into colors. $10 each.
a swarm of bees in my belly and around my neck. never to be stung only to sing in chorus and gloriously..to you always.. new pieces $35-$65 each.

magic is pyramidically attracting you to me