20 March 2012

Always Coming Home, Spring Equinox 2012 collection

New Collection/Lookbook is here.. Always Coming Home.
View the collection, online now.
Always Coming Home, Spring Equinox 2012:
A small, limited edition collection exploring my ideas of creating one’s sacred space+to celebrate Spring Equinox. Inspired by the book “Always Coming Home’ by Ursula K. LeGuin, and the celestial music of Glasser & the psych-folk singer Mariee Sioux.
The collection was born of recalling vivid dream-landscapes of forgotten ancient/ futuristic villages, and the hope that lies in all of us to build community and design sanctuaries within our spaces for work, rest, and creativity. Bright hand-cut leather recalls familiar triumphant shapes:the angular flags of home-base, shields of family names, and the ever-present circle, symbolizing unity of all people and civilizations.The pieces are held safely with darkened brass chain and hand hammered jeweler’s bronze.Each piece is one of a kind and limited edition, made to order.
With the kind efforts of these rad friends, the lookbook came together beautifully:
Photography: MINH TRAN; Styling/Makeup/On-Set Art Direction:  RYEN BLASCHKE using *PORTLAND BLACK LIPSTICK CO. ; Hair:  NAOMI RICCOBONO; modeled by artist MIDORI HIROSE; Wardrobe provided by: Stand Up Comedy, Rad Summer +Golden Rule; Concept/Layout Design:Sword+Fern

13 March 2012

Lavender Mirror show tonight

We play at Holocene tonight with our friends, Pool of Winds (Bobby of Sexlife) and Onuinu.
Some spiritual disco times for your Late winter Tuesday...

magic is pyramidically attracting you to me