20 February 2009

And, ubiquitously yours.

on the walls of sword+fern:
a new drawing installation; geometry dreams and long lost old knots to tie up.
the oddities shelf at sword+fern:
everything vintage is 50% off til march 15th.
cold, wet precipitation:
soon; goodbye.
on kerby:
ceremony necklace in gold;$72, fern earrings in gold; $35. available at swordandfern.etsy.com

this morning; a lovely write up from PortlandPicks.com:

Vintage Booty~Sword+Fern

We’ll admit it. We’re probably some of the only people in the country who didn’t see “Pirates of the Caribbean.” We don’t observe Talk Like a Pirate Day. And walk the plank? We can hardly swim!

Instead, we get our booty close to home, at Sword + Fern. A combination artist studio and retail space full of reclaimed goodness, Sword + Fern offers a treasure trove of cool loot. Everything is sustainably crafted or vintage: think jewelry made from car parts, natural perfumes, vintage chains. Nothing is mass-produced; goods are either found at estate sales or handmade by super-sweet owner Emily or her friends. We loved the pottery on the shelf, as well as the old books and sea-swept prints adorning the walls.

Only open about six months, we’re pretty sure this eco-savvy boutique has already planted deep roots in its East Burnside locale. And following our visit, we have since learned the Sword Fern is a ubiquitous plant in this area. Coinkidink? We think not.

15 February 2009

february. it finally snagged me.. i have been sick for 3 days and the shop had to stay closed and lonely.. i hope you didn't miss it too much. it feels so good to know that spring is right around the corner, and all of winter's loose, cold ends are getting tied back up. this was a difficult, cold, and sunny odd winter for me. i was saved by the nest of new and old friends near and far, ira glass, playing music, christopher's dinners, charley and amy's visits, bwana's smile, rachel's sweetness, scrapper's drunk shopguy antics, alli's hugs, customer's love+appreciation, kimberly's patience, jeremy+julia's support, marta's texts, audrey's shopgirl help, claudia and helen stoking the home fires, gretchen, erin a + m, katz, doozie, heather, and stoken's unconditional love and friendship, crowell's breakfasts and genius ideas, and endless magical karaoke nights with jen, mandy, kerby, bob, and kupp. i am looking forward to all the promises spring brings and a new fresh breath of air blowing at my back.
i have installations and ideas crowding my mind in honor of ringing spring in. reds. knots. anna's lights. erin's new baby. new music projects and tours to go on with all our bands. portland bike rides and picnics by the river. i'll miss the light coming through the bare branches.. but i am excited to get warm again. erin crowell modeled some new pieces i created last week.. enjoy

magic is pyramidically attracting you to me