30 November 2010


Handfelted White Soft Wool Cross Necklace,$100. 
One of a Kind.
Is the perfect gift for your hot lady or Manfriend.
It's a handfelted masterpiece of a necklace- a white wool cross.
Made by the same lovely lady--Kylea Borges of SF CA--- who made these lovely bangles below.

Handfelted +Dyed Soft Wool Bangles, $50.

29 November 2010

New arrivals in the shop: Ceramics, Textiles, Jewelry, Wearables, Paper

Sailor's knot rope bracelets.Handmade in Minneapolis by George Hutch.

Infinite weave/Mobius Cowl Scarf for men+women in 12 soft colors.  Archicraft-San Francisco.

3 Faceted ceramic jars. Ali Gibbons-Chicago.

4 Beautifully handwoven+dyed baskets from Baskauta-Las Vegas. I love imagining the maker, Amy, making simple little baskets in the midst of Vegas chaos. L-o-v-e it.

3 Hand dyed and soft wool felted bangles from multi-talented designer, Kylea Borges-San Francisco.

Astrological Constellation 2011 Calendars printed on black paper.  Prismatic Design Collective-San Francisco.

Striking+soft, raw rare luxury fibers ready to use for your next fiber art project. Hand-dyed by fiber artist Laila Grainawi in Brooklyn.

Perfect for spinners, felt-ers and fiber artists of all kinds.

28 November 2010

New Arrival: Heather Gabriel Ceramics

I immediately fell in love with Heather Gabriel's work the moment I saw it.
It has an unassuming,simple quality I look for constantly in all objects-and it looks like it's been through battle-also a plus.
Recently arrived in the shop are 8 small bowls handmade by Gabriel in the Hudson Valley of New York. Each one has different marks, crackles, and textures that come from the ash and smoke held in the kiln they're fired in.
It's hard to imagine tainting their organic, raw perfection by filling them with any other items at all, but the size is perfect for holding small things like jewelry, salts, or spices. They also look beautiful just sitting empty.

"All of the work you see here is fired with wood, either in a primitive pit, or in a japanese-style tunnel kiln. The colors are a result of the clay and stone reacting with the smoke, flame, and ash of the wood burned within the kiln. The clay is made from local materials, the river stones and sands come from the hills and valleys outside of my home

and the metals used in the sculptural works are gleaned
from abandoned fields and industrial sites throughout the Hudson Valley."-Heather Gabriel

Gabriel was born in Bronxville, New York. 
After a few years spent as a field geologist she began an independent course of study in studio ceramics and metal work,learning from and working with artists across the country. In 2004, she returned to the Hudson Valley and became a resident of The Byrdcliffe Guild in Woodstock, New York.
She currently resides in the Hudson Valley.

22 November 2010

FIELDGUIDED: First Friday, Opening Dec.3, 6-10 PM

A multimedia installation of summer insects:
Specimens, Drawings, Soundscapes, and Field Observations.
A collaborative show with insects drawn from the imaginations 
of friends,woodwork by Dan Anderson,and a compilation book release by Publication Studio.

Quick Holiday Save-the Dates:[more info soon]

Black Friday 20%off sale in the shop all day- 11-6 pm.
"Clean up at the Cleaners" A multi-designer sample sale for men+women, everything under $99-- including Frances May, Frank James, AK Vintage, Sara Dudzinsky, OLO fragrance, and more!
I'll be there with jewelry samples, one-offs, vintage oddities, everything under $50, plus a cash bar.
the Cleaners at the Ace Hotel, 12-6 pm.

FIELDGUIDED opening for First Friday.
Lisa Schonberg's multi-media exploration of her entymological studies comes to life.
6-9 pm.

811 Holiday Evening.
With designer and holiday sales events at Nationale, Haunt, Golden Rule, plus the grand opening of my New World Apothecary, don't miss! We'll all be open late with wine, hot chocolate, treats, and more!
6-9 pm.

14 November 2010

Gift Certificates available for the holidays

available in any amount, for use in the shop or online, never expires, and comes in a tiny envelope with a silver stamp

09 November 2010

Portland's eat.shop guide book is out

Kaie Wellman included sword+fern in her guide to consuming in Portland.
I'm very honored!
Among the things she lists as covetous besides the studio jewelry are:
Eden Batki's miniature ceramics, Georgie Russell's hand screened hair+teeth tees, Chelsea Heffner's 'false-knit' silk scarves,and Forestbound's canvas bags featuring historical textiles and secondhand leather.
A huge thank you to these designers for sharing their work with my shop, and to Kaie and the eat.shop crew.
miniature ceramic planters by eden batki

forestbound bags by alice saunders

ceramic chain necklace by eden batki [sold]

plainmade false knit silk scarves by chelsea heffner

simple totebags by pawling
hand and shadow's hair shirt
hand and shadow's tooth shirt

kaie's driftwood necklace

08 November 2010

Moroccan Amber Resin Natural Perfumes back in stock.

many of you have been asking when it would be back..and it's finally here.
my friend mariah brings back the most amazing smelling, pure amber from her travels there.
the shop is filled with the smell of spicy strawberries and maybe what it might smell like to sit by this tiny stream in the sun.

04 November 2010

Portland Plant Medicine Gathering, New World Apothecary Opening December 10th

 Urtica dioca-Our amazing Nettle

Calendula officinalis


two healers i use quite often

I will be attending a two day plant medicine workshop on November 20+21st.

Several of Portland's most respected herbalists and plantspeople are gathering in one place to give workshops and share knowledge about the power of plants as healer. It's happening at 5040 SE Milwaukie.

Portland Plant Medicine's website has more information on the speakers and a schedule of the weekend's workshops. 

This 2nd-annual intensive gathering is powered by some awesome plantspeople and remedy makers,growers, and educators whom I like very much-including Elderberry School, Cascadia Folk Medicine, the School of Forest Medicine, and more.

I can't wait! It's just in time to set the mood for the very soon grand opening of a new section of my shop which is near and dear to my heart-- the Sword+Fern New World Apothecary.

Ever since I opened the doors 2 years ago, i've been working towards having a small selection of the Northwest's finest botanical medicinal remedies in stock. Look forward to finding high-quality organic tinctures made from home-grown at-risk herbs, ethically wildcrafted incenses and resins, herbal teas, lip balm and salves, salts, local honey, special tea time accessories, and more on the shelves when you visit this winter.

The opening party on December 10th will include tastings of Blood Moon Medicinals tinctures, syrups, and cordials, made by local herbalist Sarai Black, Stinging Nettle chocolate truffles made by Nicole Pepper, Salted Caramel sauce made by Morgan Grundstein-Helvey of Dovetail Bakery, tarot readings by Dexter Flowers, and more secret surprises. Save the date!

sword+fern's patron saint of magical plant realness and all that is earthy and rad: 

living legend-susun weed, herbalist.

magic is pyramidically attracting you to me