23 December 2008

seattle snow day plans

i'm headed home to seattle for the holidays.. and a visit to the volunteer park conservatory on capital hill is in order to get warmed up.
i took these photos when i used to work there 2003-2005.

04 December 2008

ERIN GREY CROWELL.NEW PHOTOGRAPHS.opening friday december 5

Photographer Erin Grey Crowell
brings her chromera prints to sword+fern for the month of December.
Join us on Friday, December 5 from 5 til 9 to meet Erin,
view her pieces and share a holiday drink.
About Erin +her photos:
Taken this may in Northern California - the pastoral scenes depict an old school house from the
1890's as well as an old homestead. Close to these sites was a pioneer graveyard and a stage coach stop - all broken shards of pottery andcrumbling tombstones, one newer then the rest carved from iron, the
shape of mustangs running across a woman's grave
that only died a year or so before -
she was by about a century the youngest member of the cemetery
and it made me wonder how she had decided this to be her
final resting place.
The sun was just starting to disappear as the rain clouds grew denser
- making the light filter through like honey or amber...
I really enjoy photographing a real scene that seems too beautiful to
be real - rather it seems to be staged - the light and environmental
conditions a product of cinematic creation, but its not created
necessarily - the image i see is how i remember it to be, which of
course can always be contested in art theory -

I grew up in between New Zealand, Texas and Oregon - returning to NZ
for high school where I studied photography - In Oregon I graduated
with a BA in liberal arts with a focus in Anthropology from Reed
College, I also studied photography at Reed. I am Applying to
school for a Masters in Architecture- hopefully I will still find the
time to document these surreal scenes, and be able to appreciate them
when they present themselves.

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