31 October 2008


i know it's a scary time .. but come visit and get a rad deal. i'll smile at you.

27 October 2008

new fall styles

each piece is handmade by me. the new leather pieces are hand cut and each is unique. i found some old pieces of leather in white and black..they are super soft and look awesome on men and women. shown above:ceremony necklace in black.$72.
vision earrings.blue recycled glass, vintage chain+recycled car parts.$45.
anna earrings.white recycled glass+vintage chain.$45.
hand braided leather+quartz crystal bolo tie. each is one of a kind. also comes in amethyst,pyrite,agate. $72.
blue unicorn earrings. recycled glass tusks,old car parts.$48.
stallion necklace.recycled car parts,vintage raw brass chain, vintage black enameled chain.$68.
leather+vintage chain necklace, $72. each necklace is unique,white or black leather.
edge of the woods necklace.vintage chain +recycled car parts.$85.
mary necklace.recycled car parts+vintage chain.$65.
promises necklace. recycled glass+vintage chain.$72.
music necklace.recycled car parts +vintage chain.$65.

burnside earrings. recycled car parts+vintage white enameled chain.$49.
best friends necklace.recycled car parts+vintage chain.$65.
solo necklace. recycled car parts+vintage chain.$55.
ceremony necklace(in black)$72.

wild heart earrings.recycled car parts+vintage chain.$45.
ladyhawk earrings.$49.

ceremony necklace(in gold)$72.

26 October 2008


we went out yonder and did a nice photo shoot of jewelry for swordandfern.com today.also for the site there will be a video segment by goldie. these here are just a few snaps i took while i wasn't barking directions or getting in the way of goldie's +minh's cameras.
makeup+hair:heather baldwin
photos:minh tran/// www.minhternet.com
video footage:goldie catrow
website coming soon!

24 October 2008

some photos of run away

sword+fern crystal +amethyst bolo ties , Moth Love by Gretchen Jones, Dust by Julia Blackburn

a plant to hate, a plant to love

coffe plant~coffea arabica
japanese knotweed~fallopia japonica

i have been loving drinking coffee. it helps me get my work done around the shop. i am getting ready to have an artist come photograph the shop on saturday. she is doing a series of photographs of the entire 811 burnside building and it's tenants.
i met with gaylen, my project coordinator for west willamette restoration project today.we talked about the invasive weed species of the west hills. garlic mustard, buddleia, and japanese knotweed are my least favorite invasive species. it's interesting to think about where these plants came from and how their habits are so bossy amongst the tame and timid tiny wildflowers of the northwest...trillium, erythronium, cornus canadensis, and stout glossy shrubs, like vaccinium ovatum- who just stand there politely while the knotweed and english ivy blaze over the land like a blanket on fire.
read more about the land conservancy i volunteer for here: west willamette restoration project's backyard habitat certification

14 October 2008

Lucky Magazine-Breaks For November at Sword+Fern

Come by the shop all through this month and November to recieve 20% off storewide as part of LUCKY magazine's Lucky breaks!!
Also, Beautiful new handmade ceramics from Shoshona Snow have arrived!
In her own words:
I'm a huge design freak and am inspired by the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century. My work has a wonderful, tactile quality...you just want to touch, touch, touch. I love clean lines and clean colors.

Most of my work is thrown on the potter's wheel, although I do some hand building as well. I use fine grolleg porcelain. The entire outside surfaces are usually painted with a black slip (liquefied clay) and carved so the white porcelain beneath it is shown. This process is called sgraffito. The work is dried slowly and fired in the kiln. It is then glazed and fired once more to 2400 degrees F. The work becomes vitrified and durable and is food safe even when not glazed.

06 October 2008

new from reif

abbey turtleneck {{{in super soft organic cotton}}}
carnaby jumper (((in polar fleece and performance fabrics/perfect for a rainy fall bike ride)))

05 October 2008

new from heather treadway

the triangulator jacket +++available in black-this s*** zips to the side++a must see.ninja hoodie(((((available in green)))))
see you at the opening jersey}}}}soft cotton sweatshirt with woven detail{{{{{

magic is pyramidically attracting you to me