26 June 2010

this monday, come to valentine's for lady electro

Mine + Kerby's project, Lavender Mirror, used to be called Dusty Springfeelins...we're playing with our friend Jayme from Fleshtone's new band at valentine's this coming monday night..it's free, it will start maybe around 9 or so.
Please come! The whole night will be a fantasy land of weird lady electronicaaaaaaah!

22 June 2010

Here's what ya do....

....when you're knocking at Sword+Fern's door, and no one is home.
You can find my jewelry at this really cute place in Portland:

NOUN- Everyone loves NOUN!! Because it rules, and it is cute, and has the best vintage furniture for sale, and you can get the ubiquitous Portland "cupcake" right there in the front of the store from Saint Cupcake. Stephanie is one of my favorite shopladies in all of Portlandia. I also like to eat hamburgers with her, and she tells very very good stories in a very cute mid western accent. She sometimes has more of my jewelry than my own studio does. She is one hard-working lass- she meticulously writes out a little hand written tag about each and every thing she sells in the store, and for that, I salute her. Go visit her! and smile at her!
Of course the other thing you can do is text, or call me at :503.683.FERN and demand that I come open the doors for you. But if the sun is out... don't expect me to come runnin'. Just kidding. Or AM I?!!?

Artists on their bikes

The Swiss Institute did this calendar for Art Basel last year- I laughed at first because I thought one of the artists was Amy Grant. That was a funny trick my eyes played on me. I am so excited about my hot bike. I just got new orange panniers from CityBikes for my tiny turquoise Miyata, and a new tune-up courtesy of my babies at the North Portland Bikeworks Women+Trans Night- every Wednesday at NPBW, Bob+Alice keep the doors open from 6-8pm for a safe place to get guidance and tips on bike maintenance and care, and they help you learn how to do tons of stuff on your own.Donations on a sliding scale are much appreciated. My bike is so fast and furious! Now I only miss volvo a litttttttle bittt...
I love you Cindy +David! Now go ride!

More Sword+Fern, more Levi's ads!

So the story goes.. Some talented art director friends of mine were spotted wearing some sword+fern necklaces- and then an amazing Levi's stylist lady yanked them off and started photographing models in them and then they ended up getting published in a magazine.. or something. At any rate, it's an exciting thing to have some of my tiny jewels picked out of the crowd by a larger, more established group of art directors and stylists for a company like Levi's- it's a rad feeling as an emerging designer to be recognized, so thanks, Leslie, Azsa,+Julia, I super appreciate you for using my jewelry in your shoot!!

(Not) So Bright, Please, part 2 is up @ Nationale!

Nationale has the second part of this month's show up, with a tiny silk string and pounded ring sculpture by me. I love everyone's rainbow- themed contributions.
White Fang will be playing in the gallery this Friday- see the Nationale blog for more news!
Come by the 811 building and visit us to see the show, and help coax summer out of it's shell with a tiny sale in the shop+studio this week.((see below for secret details))

21 June 2010


20% off all jewelry this week, if you come in and don't mention the weather.
happy summer solstice! not.
in-store only@ the east burnside mothership. xoxox

where the FRICK is summer?????!!!!

all i want to say today is in the title above, and also, BEST COAST has the best album styling, and the best merch. i love Best Coast and her Cali-Cats.

17 June 2010

Sword+Fern for Levi's Boyfriend Collection 2010

Levi's launched the ad campaign my jewelry is featured in yesterday- for their 'Boyfriend Collection'!
The ads will run in magazines and on billboards everywhere.
My falls earrings (shown above) in antique gold are on the model in this ad.
They're available in antique gold, matte black , or a mix of the 2 colors on my website for $42 and ship next day.
I'll post more of the ads as they become available to me- hopefully soon!

01 June 2010

SOLUTIONS/// looks 1 +2

A BOW THROUGH THE RAIN=Boy Joy at June art party+(Not)So Bright Please at Nationale

the new BOY JOY
Brooke Innmann's Everything Color Circle, 2007

failed attempt at grabbing a picture

ok so here we go, i have a few things coming up. i am finally telling you,sorry for the late notice====
i was not sick of the rain until today, because it allowed me to get all practiced and idea-d up for the art i am participating myself inside of this month. don't really care if that made no sense. i have rain in my ears.
i will be part of a rainbow themed group steez show this month at the lovely and awesome NATIONALE..who just made the move up front with us in the 811. YES!!! the opening is this friday. i'm making something out of nothing, again.
here's more about the show: (Not) So Bright, Please
i won't be able to be at much of the opening though because i'll be drumming for my friend Seth's band BOY JOY.. at June art party, where his sister SFG has pulled out all the stops this month, cause you know, it's s'posed to be SUMMER BY NOW. here's the invite: JUNE ART PARTY

maybe we'll see you,and NOT talk about the weather. wear feathers on your eyebrows.

magic is pyramidically attracting you to me