01 June 2010

A BOW THROUGH THE RAIN=Boy Joy at June art party+(Not)So Bright Please at Nationale

the new BOY JOY
Brooke Innmann's Everything Color Circle, 2007

failed attempt at grabbing a picture

ok so here we go, i have a few things coming up. i am finally telling you,sorry for the late notice====
i was not sick of the rain until today, because it allowed me to get all practiced and idea-d up for the art i am participating myself inside of this month. don't really care if that made no sense. i have rain in my ears.
i will be part of a rainbow themed group steez show this month at the lovely and awesome NATIONALE..who just made the move up front with us in the 811. YES!!! the opening is this friday. i'm making something out of nothing, again.
here's more about the show: (Not) So Bright, Please
i won't be able to be at much of the opening though because i'll be drumming for my friend Seth's band BOY JOY.. at June art party, where his sister SFG has pulled out all the stops this month, cause you know, it's s'posed to be SUMMER BY NOW. here's the invite: JUNE ART PARTY

maybe we'll see you,and NOT talk about the weather. wear feathers on your eyebrows.

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