25 November 2009

we're Djing at valentine's on december 5th

so i put a little collaborative music project together recently. it's really really making me happy- the first edition of MOONUNITS will be complete on december 2, and we will be DJing out at valentine's december 5th, and debuting the first edition of the project along with playing all our favorite disco and funk classic jams.
the way it works-women are invited to compose and record -solo- individual songs, in any genre, between each lunar cycle, to be started and completed on the full moon of each month. then each edition will be archived on the website kerby and i are designing for it- it will be ready by the first of the year.
contact me if you want to contribute..it will be an ongoing project and open to anyone interested.

23 November 2009

forestbound bags

Just arrived are sword+fern's very own collection of 10 FORESTBOUND bags, by Alice Saunders of Massachusetts. Each one has their own hand-typed tag explaining where the raw materials came from to make the bag. Alice uses exclusively found and salvaged materials - like worn in and softened canvas from WW11 mail and laundry bags- to create durable, utilitarian tote bags. great effort is put into hunting for well-worn historic textiles and hardware throughout New England. Much time and care is spent working with these unique materials to make every Forestbound bag one of a kind. I especially love the tiny details like stitched-over holes, original stamped lettering and numbering, and antiqued brass grommets and closures. These are very special. Thank you, Alice!

new in the shop

tiny salt shakers, $12, silver plate, $6, wooden spoon, $10
tiny cookie cutters, $12 each

silver cups, $8 each
dionysos cup
pewter cup
perfect attendance pendant
hair shirt, $40
limited edition sarah gottesdiener shirts, $25
found photographs, $3 each
hexagons, $5 each
brass creatures, $18 each
handmade leather hip packs by mariah

black origami dodecahedrons by ai jones, small, $18, big, $30
handsewn fabric journals by daniel dixon, $20
woodgrain letterpress journals, $5-$7
vintage milk cups/candleholders, $ 10
jefferson silver cups, $12
origami polyhedrons by ai jones, $18 each

19 November 2009

new jewelry: driftwood, oxidized silver, vintage silk thread, raw quartz,old steel, found hardware

cloud no. 1: old car parts, oxidized sterling chain
old car parts; collaborative design with seth gottesdiener

hand-shaped driftwood points, vintage brass chain, pyrite

miscellaneous found hardware no.1
recycled grey glass, oxidized sterling chain
metallic leather, raw quartz, vintage grey silk thread, old car parts
metallic leather, old car parts, vintage chain, pyrite.
cloud no. 2

cloud no. 3
bridge no.1: driftwood, oxidized sterling chain
bridge no. 2

raw quartz on vintage silk collection no.1: sage, cobalt, violet, grey.

found miscellaneous hardware, antique african copper heishi beads

in love

here are some photos i took. i can't stop posting about the content show! it was so goooooooddd

magic is pyramidically attracting you to me