19 November 2009

new jewelry: driftwood, oxidized silver, vintage silk thread, raw quartz,old steel, found hardware

cloud no. 1: old car parts, oxidized sterling chain
old car parts; collaborative design with seth gottesdiener

hand-shaped driftwood points, vintage brass chain, pyrite

miscellaneous found hardware no.1
recycled grey glass, oxidized sterling chain
metallic leather, raw quartz, vintage grey silk thread, old car parts
metallic leather, old car parts, vintage chain, pyrite.
cloud no. 2

cloud no. 3
bridge no.1: driftwood, oxidized sterling chain
bridge no. 2

raw quartz on vintage silk collection no.1: sage, cobalt, violet, grey.

found miscellaneous hardware, antique african copper heishi beads


Lord Bison said...

OMG. The future is here. The future is now. I have seen the light. I will walk towards it. The depths your brain went to achieve this is unfathomable. 20,000 leagues, at least. I've a parcel of Alaskan pyrite to contribute to your artisan awesomeness.

sword+fern said...

really! alaskan pyrite..land of the neverending sun brings magic!

magic is pyramidically attracting you to me