23 November 2009

new in the shop

tiny salt shakers, $12, silver plate, $6, wooden spoon, $10
tiny cookie cutters, $12 each

silver cups, $8 each
dionysos cup
pewter cup
perfect attendance pendant
hair shirt, $40
limited edition sarah gottesdiener shirts, $25
found photographs, $3 each
hexagons, $5 each
brass creatures, $18 each
handmade leather hip packs by mariah

black origami dodecahedrons by ai jones, small, $18, big, $30
handsewn fabric journals by daniel dixon, $20
woodgrain letterpress journals, $5-$7
vintage milk cups/candleholders, $ 10
jefferson silver cups, $12
origami polyhedrons by ai jones, $18 each

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