18 August 2009

following the shifting shadows

.spandex body suit, ruffeoheartslilsnotty.com
.view out our window at our brightwood cabin getaway in july
.dill at night
.blackberries at night
.indian beach
.girlfriends sports center..coming to youtube soon
.michael swaney
.mark borthwick
.80's style
.my summery wrist
all inspiration today

07 August 2009

drops in the river.

on days when i feel like i wish i was just a scrappy kid roaming the beaches of vashon island again alone or with my younger brother, i listen to Fleet Foxes on repeat. I will absolutely never get tired of their music.
thank you Robin +co. for the music, and thank you mom+dad for giving me the island that is my never-ending inspiration.
listen to Drops in the River - live- here.

magic is pyramidically attracting you to me