30 July 2011

New jewelry in the studio+ where to find it elsewhere in Portland

Happy New Moon.
Plant your seeds of intention today.
Here are a few new designs:
Some are on their way to Radish Underground, where I will be the featured artist of August, and some will find a home over at Noun, where Stephanie has carried my work for almost 5 years now-you can always find a huge selection of my classic pieces there, but now she'll have a collection of my colorful glass and stone hand-hammered bronze hoops.
I will be away from the shop+studio from August 2-8th, so if you are hoping for a new piece of sword+fern, please stop by either one of those two nice shops and say hello, they both will have a good amount to choose from.
These new additions to the Underground Moongarden collection were inspired by music I've been listening to and in love with lately..Fleet Foxes and Austra. I got the chance to see both of them live last weekend. I wanted to make some pieces that feel like their songs; rampant and valiant and enthusiastic.

All the anger's lost
Freed from the beat and the pulse
Laughing like a fool
Playing for the heart and the soul
And the soul

Capture something red

Paste it to the edge of your bed
Someone will be there
Someone who will know what it says
What it says

1930's glass eye and triangles, turquoise, amethyst, aquamarine, jasper, copper, pyrite

recycled grey glass, volcanic lava,fire agate, jasper, howlite skull,pyrite

fossils,howlite skull, rusty hardware, recycled grey glass, copper, volcanic lava,jasper

teal recycled glass,copper,agate mother of pearl,fossil, pink jasper

If I know only one thing
It's that every thing that I see
Of the world outside is so inconceivable
Often I barely can speak
Yeah I'm tongue tied and dizzy
And I can't keep it to myself
What good is it to sing helplessness blues?
Why should I wait for anyone else?

-Fleet Foxes

22 July 2011

Happy Summer! Shop's closed Sat.7/23 for a tiny vaycay.

i'm off to the wild northwest corners to enjoy friends, family, and music outdoors.
the shop will be closed tomorrow- saturday, july 23rd.
see you on tuesday!

21 July 2011

Thistle Top Farm Stand today!

Clea is here with LOTS of extra beautiful veggies fresh from her Portland gardens.
Today she has Green beans-lettuce-beets-zucchinni-squash blossoms
COME now!

This song goes out to our Pacific Northwest Summer Weather

Harold Melvin +the Bluenotes- If you don't know me by now

.. I love you rain or shine.I know you too well!

19 July 2011

Hours this week, closed July 20+23

The shop + studio will be closed tomorrow, Wednesday July 20, and Saturday, July 23.
Normal hours(12-6) Thursday 21 and Friday 22.
Thistle Top Farm stand on Thursday afternoon from 3ish til 5ish!

thank you for being YOU

15 July 2011

New Arrivals: Jewelry, Paper, Ceramics,Vintage, Apothecary

paper bowls from up in the air somewhere, chicago

beautiful dusty silver vintage lead weights in assorted sizes
  new sword+fern jewelry:
yellow skull+quartz bracelet

'wizard' antique tag, smoky quartz bracelet

recycled glass grey pyramids

black pyramid+ocean blue sword

purple,aqua,green,grey swords

purple,sky blue, grey sword earrings, new smaller sizes

sea urchins and ocean blue swords

handmade wooden and acrylic rings by sarah ann baker, minneapolis

ocean and sky circle ceramic wall hangings by ali gibbons, chicago

carry -alls by zanna printed textiles, portland

new-sword+fern bronze hammered earrings with colorful gemstones+vintage glass


aquamarine post earrings

moss agate post earrings

pyrite post earrings

jasper post earrings

goldstone post earrings

new in the apothecary from shayne case: sacred space energy clearing spray-with essences of wild african sage,smoky quartz, tourmaline, lavender. more of shayne's liquid sunshine+love manifest flower essences are here too!

towels from zanna printed textiles

sword+fern bracelets

summery colors of the sailor's knot bracelets

vintage bakelite oversized sunshine yellow hoops

vintage gold posts

vintage enameled bird posts

intricate,delicate colorful shapes on cards from paper designer essimar, chicago

magic is pyramidically attracting you to me