15 July 2011

New Arrivals: Jewelry, Paper, Ceramics,Vintage, Apothecary

paper bowls from up in the air somewhere, chicago

beautiful dusty silver vintage lead weights in assorted sizes
  new sword+fern jewelry:
yellow skull+quartz bracelet

'wizard' antique tag, smoky quartz bracelet

recycled glass grey pyramids

black pyramid+ocean blue sword

purple,aqua,green,grey swords

purple,sky blue, grey sword earrings, new smaller sizes

sea urchins and ocean blue swords

handmade wooden and acrylic rings by sarah ann baker, minneapolis

ocean and sky circle ceramic wall hangings by ali gibbons, chicago

carry -alls by zanna printed textiles, portland

new-sword+fern bronze hammered earrings with colorful gemstones+vintage glass


aquamarine post earrings

moss agate post earrings

pyrite post earrings

jasper post earrings

goldstone post earrings

new in the apothecary from shayne case: sacred space energy clearing spray-with essences of wild african sage,smoky quartz, tourmaline, lavender. more of shayne's liquid sunshine+love manifest flower essences are here too!

towels from zanna printed textiles

sword+fern bracelets

summery colors of the sailor's knot bracelets

vintage bakelite oversized sunshine yellow hoops

vintage gold posts

vintage enameled bird posts

intricate,delicate colorful shapes on cards from paper designer essimar, chicago

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