17 September 2009


order of today.

traanslatiingting crrueattures

.jane's addiction
.susun weed, herbalist
.NOW marchers
.michael rovners 'fields'

guess what? sword+fern has some nice new CANADIAN t-shirts for sale.

Ever since my life became a veritable cornucopia of radness last year around this time, it has had several recurring themes associated with it. One of these themes is CANADA, and the special people in my life who are CANADIAN. My good CANADIAN friend Jen Kovach who is a party martyr and also a savage savvy business woman, introduced me to Hand and Shadow when she was trying to convince me that there's more to Canada than beer and free health care.
Hand&Shadow is textile designer Georgie from beautiful Vancouver, Canada.
Today she came and dropped off a bunch of amazing soft t-shirts with hand screened designs of HAIR +TEETH. This is really great for me, it will help me to remember to brush both of those things. I just bought a new toothbrush yesterday. Georgie was kind enough to bring several colors and sizes of her shirts to the shop, the color palate is nice and full of rich chocolate browns, stone grey, lavender purple, and black of course. Each shirt is one of a kind since she hand screens them with a special process that only rad Canadian people know how to do. Each shirt is $40.You will love feeling a tiny bit of CANADA in your closet and in your heart.Being friends w/ my Canadians also makes me want to yell in text apparently.
This is the rhythm of the night. My life. Oh yeah.

12 September 2009

emergence sea

poster by sword+fern
arthur russell video by p.niblock/live in seattle -1985
our portrait videos by happyplayground.com/christine taylor

07 September 2009

metal moon connection:CONTENT 09 at the Ace Hotel

on the night of october 18, 2009, we will draw new rings around the moon with the full intention of meditating on what it means to be together+healthy+draw in our community, full of action,light,sound,and art. it will be a magic time, and i am working on a special collection of jewelry to show. here are some of my inspirations for the collection:

.."and now the time has come to assess your own unconditional love and courage. Who are you really? And what do you value the most? It is time to shine, to light up the world around you."-BHC
..when time inevitably draws us close: multidimensional healing power becomes art and celebration, and i draw a circle around you and you build a life around me
..the galactic underworld comes to a close: textile moon,labours of love have made us strong, women in domes,metallic driftwood,conspiring cloaks,days of dark lightness.
learning to live in the new world: listen to things, be in circle,grow in spirit, intentional flames,futuristic breath, calm cape,open heart, folded hands, folded heart, open hands,aligned excitement, empowered action, accelerated genius, healthy lives, peaceful people.. galactic night brings the canopy of light.."people will start to actively participate in throwing out the old and seeking new paths."-BHC

05 September 2009

Kassia Meador, YACHT video, Ryann Bosetti, Sarah Meadows

dudes, friends, countrywomen:i am getting back on my blog saddle.
Here are some MORE rad ladies who have been stepping up my game lately, it's been so next level to work with so many people on jewelry doing custom pieces -and here are some more MAJOR highlights:
KASSIA: this crazy sick longboarder and ULTRA talented Roxy team surfer dropped into the studio on the night of the amazing women's surf film premiere 'Dear and Yonder' in Pdx at Holocene, and asked for a custom necklace. We collab'd and came up with something solid for her and fit for a mermaid.. She is also super sweet and a talented photographer and her pictures tell stories of her shiny young life journeying to other worlds meeting friends and multiple bodies of water - what a star.
Have a look at her photography site- kassiameadorphoto.com
RYANN: dang, inspiration and magic is this woman's middle name last name, and apparently her birthright. She could not be any more right on. I LOVE her style and her name and her whole family and plus she cuts hair like a samurai- you can hunt her down at salon 220 next door to Valentine's. Any way, she asked to use some jewelry to style a new YACHT video for their song, 'Psychic City' and it turned out real, real fine. See it here:
Psychic City by YACHT
Spend a moment flexing your upside down jurassic pyramid eye muscles on her website: RYANN BOSETTI.
And finally,Enjoy some of the stills from the video and more incredible photography by yet another new, fine lady artist in my life-Sarah Meadows. Look for a collab btwn sword+fern and SM in the near future!!
.Kassia hanging 5 with her sickest classic steez
.The one and only Ryann BOSETTI
.Claire Evans of YACHT by Sarah Meadows

04 September 2009

intergalactic collisions with electric ladyland

1.sword+fern shoot, by christine taylor at happy playground
2. forsorcerers w/commentary by white lightning
3. leslie lessin's work
I just sent several pieces from my jewelry collection into the capable hands of the fabulous lady stylist Leslie Lessin in NYC this week to be used in her new Levi's campaign. I am totes excited!! If her collabs w/ the pervy photographer T.Richardson is any indication, the shoot/project for Levi's will be off the dopeshow scale. FRRLZ. Can't wait to see my jewelry all gussied up and rough in the mix with denim. LOVE IT.
A really dynamite lady from Nashville, Laura Dart, stopped in the studio several months ago and snapped some shots of me. She came back by and i swear it's like standing under a fireworks shower to hang around this lady, she is so electric and good and nice to be with. She shot some more ad lib off the cuff shots of me looking all busy in the shop(not really) and i can't wait to see them, because her eyes are like looking through pretty glasses. Look at her website, it's really heartexplodes. This is one of the hugest joys of living at sword+fern: AMAZING , JAMMING folks come in off the street on a magic carpet and park on my little red chairs, daily. WOW. Life is a bowl of ripe blackberries sometimes. Dang.
ok, here is her site: dartphotographie.com
NEXT LEVEL: elizabeth freaking spiridakis.
HOLY HOSHI, i heart this spicy lady. jeesh, not only is she kneeslapping hilarious with her commentary on popculture freakishness and beauty, but she is so hecka nice, styley, and fun too. She graciously came out to (my band) forsorcerers' show at holocene the other night and BOOM wrote a sweet thing about us on her rad blog, check it out, called white lightning. she also leaks the feather tip for the NY times the moment blog on the regs. Whadda sweetheart.

In other news, it's time to get the inspiration organ in electric countdown mode. I am on a mission. If you need me, I'll be in my office. NOT at the party. ....i still love you, but it's nose to the grindstone hour to tend to those sparks.
I already received a handful of striking photos for the website from the kick ass local lady photographer, Christine Taylor, and I need to turn it out now. have a look at more of her work here.

magic is pyramidically attracting you to me