17 September 2009

guess what? sword+fern has some nice new CANADIAN t-shirts for sale.

Ever since my life became a veritable cornucopia of radness last year around this time, it has had several recurring themes associated with it. One of these themes is CANADA, and the special people in my life who are CANADIAN. My good CANADIAN friend Jen Kovach who is a party martyr and also a savage savvy business woman, introduced me to Hand and Shadow when she was trying to convince me that there's more to Canada than beer and free health care.
Hand&Shadow is textile designer Georgie from beautiful Vancouver, Canada.
Today she came and dropped off a bunch of amazing soft t-shirts with hand screened designs of HAIR +TEETH. This is really great for me, it will help me to remember to brush both of those things. I just bought a new toothbrush yesterday. Georgie was kind enough to bring several colors and sizes of her shirts to the shop, the color palate is nice and full of rich chocolate browns, stone grey, lavender purple, and black of course. Each shirt is one of a kind since she hand screens them with a special process that only rad Canadian people know how to do. Each shirt is $40.You will love feeling a tiny bit of CANADA in your closet and in your heart.Being friends w/ my Canadians also makes me want to yell in text apparently.


Lord Bison said...


Made my first pit stop in the OTHER Vancouver, btw. Nice place. All the buildings are made of glass and there's a sushi joint on every street corner. Literally.

Emily Katz said...

you have GOT to be kidding. I just opened up a wholesale account with her. I was going to order the hair scarves...oh well!!!

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