28 January 2010

when you feel like all you do is work..

it's nice to be reminded that your friends are glad you do it.
blogpress via Svpply.
thx Matt W.

coming......daylightwarmgrass sunshadows homestretchtime...

for springtime:::::::::
all of these and more amazing new handmade odds-n-ends are on their way to sword+fern from tiny strong hands all over..

24 January 2010

we're DJing at Holocene tonight for Haiti,it's going to be great.

Join us for magical music at Holocene tonight as we DJ alongside nice music makers Gulls, Pyramiddd (starfucker), Grouper, and Deelay Ceelay.
All proceeds from the door plus staff +band wages go to Mercy Corps to donate to the people of Haiti.
$10, doors at 8 PM.
Hecka yeah.

13 January 2010

coolhunting.com caught a sword+fern

Adrienne So from Coolhunting.com came by the shop yesterday and we chatted about what sword+fern's deal REALLY is.
She wrote an article about the stuff I managed to explain to her, read her version of my mumblings HERE.

07 January 2010

fire agate/scan of the day

one of a kind
steel blue leather
brass chain mix
blue stone cube
rough fire agate.
i am going to scan one piece a day.
do you like it? write me a note and get a special sale price on it.
more new work to come.
this will warm you on a chilly winter night.

magic is pyramidically attracting you to me