04 September 2009

intergalactic collisions with electric ladyland

1.sword+fern shoot, by christine taylor at happy playground
2. forsorcerers w/commentary by white lightning
3. leslie lessin's work
I just sent several pieces from my jewelry collection into the capable hands of the fabulous lady stylist Leslie Lessin in NYC this week to be used in her new Levi's campaign. I am totes excited!! If her collabs w/ the pervy photographer T.Richardson is any indication, the shoot/project for Levi's will be off the dopeshow scale. FRRLZ. Can't wait to see my jewelry all gussied up and rough in the mix with denim. LOVE IT.
A really dynamite lady from Nashville, Laura Dart, stopped in the studio several months ago and snapped some shots of me. She came back by and i swear it's like standing under a fireworks shower to hang around this lady, she is so electric and good and nice to be with. She shot some more ad lib off the cuff shots of me looking all busy in the shop(not really) and i can't wait to see them, because her eyes are like looking through pretty glasses. Look at her website, it's really heartexplodes. This is one of the hugest joys of living at sword+fern: AMAZING , JAMMING folks come in off the street on a magic carpet and park on my little red chairs, daily. WOW. Life is a bowl of ripe blackberries sometimes. Dang.
ok, here is her site: dartphotographie.com
NEXT LEVEL: elizabeth freaking spiridakis.
HOLY HOSHI, i heart this spicy lady. jeesh, not only is she kneeslapping hilarious with her commentary on popculture freakishness and beauty, but she is so hecka nice, styley, and fun too. She graciously came out to (my band) forsorcerers' show at holocene the other night and BOOM wrote a sweet thing about us on her rad blog, check it out, called white lightning. she also leaks the feather tip for the NY times the moment blog on the regs. Whadda sweetheart.

In other news, it's time to get the inspiration organ in electric countdown mode. I am on a mission. If you need me, I'll be in my office. NOT at the party. ....i still love you, but it's nose to the grindstone hour to tend to those sparks.
I already received a handful of striking photos for the website from the kick ass local lady photographer, Christine Taylor, and I need to turn it out now. have a look at more of her work here.

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