07 September 2009

metal moon connection:CONTENT 09 at the Ace Hotel

on the night of october 18, 2009, we will draw new rings around the moon with the full intention of meditating on what it means to be together+healthy+draw in our community, full of action,light,sound,and art. it will be a magic time, and i am working on a special collection of jewelry to show. here are some of my inspirations for the collection:

.."and now the time has come to assess your own unconditional love and courage. Who are you really? And what do you value the most? It is time to shine, to light up the world around you."-BHC
..when time inevitably draws us close: multidimensional healing power becomes art and celebration, and i draw a circle around you and you build a life around me
..the galactic underworld comes to a close: textile moon,labours of love have made us strong, women in domes,metallic driftwood,conspiring cloaks,days of dark lightness.
learning to live in the new world: listen to things, be in circle,grow in spirit, intentional flames,futuristic breath, calm cape,open heart, folded hands, folded heart, open hands,aligned excitement, empowered action, accelerated genius, healthy lives, peaceful people.. galactic night brings the canopy of light.."people will start to actively participate in throwing out the old and seeking new paths."-BHC

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