22 June 2010

Artists on their bikes

The Swiss Institute did this calendar for Art Basel last year- I laughed at first because I thought one of the artists was Amy Grant. That was a funny trick my eyes played on me. I am so excited about my hot bike. I just got new orange panniers from CityBikes for my tiny turquoise Miyata, and a new tune-up courtesy of my babies at the North Portland Bikeworks Women+Trans Night- every Wednesday at NPBW, Bob+Alice keep the doors open from 6-8pm for a safe place to get guidance and tips on bike maintenance and care, and they help you learn how to do tons of stuff on your own.Donations on a sliding scale are much appreciated. My bike is so fast and furious! Now I only miss volvo a litttttttle bittt...
I love you Cindy +David! Now go ride!

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