22 June 2010

Here's what ya do....

....when you're knocking at Sword+Fern's door, and no one is home.
You can find my jewelry at this really cute place in Portland:

NOUN- Everyone loves NOUN!! Because it rules, and it is cute, and has the best vintage furniture for sale, and you can get the ubiquitous Portland "cupcake" right there in the front of the store from Saint Cupcake. Stephanie is one of my favorite shopladies in all of Portlandia. I also like to eat hamburgers with her, and she tells very very good stories in a very cute mid western accent. She sometimes has more of my jewelry than my own studio does. She is one hard-working lass- she meticulously writes out a little hand written tag about each and every thing she sells in the store, and for that, I salute her. Go visit her! and smile at her!
Of course the other thing you can do is text, or call me at :503.683.FERN and demand that I come open the doors for you. But if the sun is out... don't expect me to come runnin'. Just kidding. Or AM I?!!?

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Christine @ Trillium Artisans said...

And don't forget your jewelry is also available at Trillium Artisans, 9119 SE Foster Road, http://trilliumartisans.org

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