24 October 2008

a plant to hate, a plant to love

coffe plant~coffea arabica
japanese knotweed~fallopia japonica

i have been loving drinking coffee. it helps me get my work done around the shop. i am getting ready to have an artist come photograph the shop on saturday. she is doing a series of photographs of the entire 811 burnside building and it's tenants.
i met with gaylen, my project coordinator for west willamette restoration project today.we talked about the invasive weed species of the west hills. garlic mustard, buddleia, and japanese knotweed are my least favorite invasive species. it's interesting to think about where these plants came from and how their habits are so bossy amongst the tame and timid tiny wildflowers of the northwest...trillium, erythronium, cornus canadensis, and stout glossy shrubs, like vaccinium ovatum- who just stand there politely while the knotweed and english ivy blaze over the land like a blanket on fire.
read more about the land conservancy i volunteer for here: west willamette restoration project's backyard habitat certification

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