27 October 2008

new fall styles

each piece is handmade by me. the new leather pieces are hand cut and each is unique. i found some old pieces of leather in white and black..they are super soft and look awesome on men and women. shown above:ceremony necklace in black.$72.
vision earrings.blue recycled glass, vintage chain+recycled car parts.$45.
anna earrings.white recycled glass+vintage chain.$45.
hand braided leather+quartz crystal bolo tie. each is one of a kind. also comes in amethyst,pyrite,agate. $72.
blue unicorn earrings. recycled glass tusks,old car parts.$48.
stallion necklace.recycled car parts,vintage raw brass chain, vintage black enameled chain.$68.
leather+vintage chain necklace, $72. each necklace is unique,white or black leather.
edge of the woods necklace.vintage chain +recycled car parts.$85.
mary necklace.recycled car parts+vintage chain.$65.
promises necklace. recycled glass+vintage chain.$72.
music necklace.recycled car parts +vintage chain.$65.

burnside earrings. recycled car parts+vintage white enameled chain.$49.
best friends necklace.recycled car parts+vintage chain.$65.
solo necklace. recycled car parts+vintage chain.$55.
ceremony necklace(in black)$72.

wild heart earrings.recycled car parts+vintage chain.$45.
ladyhawk earrings.$49.

ceremony necklace(in gold)$72.

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