09 November 2010

Portland's eat.shop guide book is out

Kaie Wellman included sword+fern in her guide to consuming in Portland.
I'm very honored!
Among the things she lists as covetous besides the studio jewelry are:
Eden Batki's miniature ceramics, Georgie Russell's hand screened hair+teeth tees, Chelsea Heffner's 'false-knit' silk scarves,and Forestbound's canvas bags featuring historical textiles and secondhand leather.
A huge thank you to these designers for sharing their work with my shop, and to Kaie and the eat.shop crew.
miniature ceramic planters by eden batki

forestbound bags by alice saunders

ceramic chain necklace by eden batki [sold]

plainmade false knit silk scarves by chelsea heffner

simple totebags by pawling
hand and shadow's hair shirt
hand and shadow's tooth shirt

kaie's driftwood necklace

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