20 February 2009

And, ubiquitously yours.

on the walls of sword+fern:
a new drawing installation; geometry dreams and long lost old knots to tie up.
the oddities shelf at sword+fern:
everything vintage is 50% off til march 15th.
cold, wet precipitation:
soon; goodbye.
on kerby:
ceremony necklace in gold;$72, fern earrings in gold; $35. available at swordandfern.etsy.com

this morning; a lovely write up from PortlandPicks.com:

Vintage Booty~Sword+Fern

We’ll admit it. We’re probably some of the only people in the country who didn’t see “Pirates of the Caribbean.” We don’t observe Talk Like a Pirate Day. And walk the plank? We can hardly swim!

Instead, we get our booty close to home, at Sword + Fern. A combination artist studio and retail space full of reclaimed goodness, Sword + Fern offers a treasure trove of cool loot. Everything is sustainably crafted or vintage: think jewelry made from car parts, natural perfumes, vintage chains. Nothing is mass-produced; goods are either found at estate sales or handmade by super-sweet owner Emily or her friends. We loved the pottery on the shelf, as well as the old books and sea-swept prints adorning the walls.

Only open about six months, we’re pretty sure this eco-savvy boutique has already planted deep roots in its East Burnside locale. And following our visit, we have since learned the Sword Fern is a ubiquitous plant in this area. Coinkidink? We think not.

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Look at me: I'm a (hotel) fireplace! Buy handmade? Pfffft. Buy RADmade. Sez yooooooooou.

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