15 October 2010

things together+the unknown familiar

Just arrived in the shop- a collection of mysterious mobiles by Brooklyn's Things Together.
Brooklyn designer Jen Kelly has put together a collection of incredibly moody and balanced sculpture mobiles for Sword +Fern.

In the artist's words: "..an ongoing experiment in combining materials and functions to create decorative art objects- inspired by nature and ornamental design, I combine and distill these influences so that the result is something familiar yet unknown."

I was amazed by their thoughtful, mystical design when they arrived and I viewed them in 3D.

The mobiles are made with driftwood found along the shores of Lake Superior, handmade resin sticks, and recycled paper reinforced with wire and painted.

The interesting, swinging, light weight rocks remind me of shards of the moon dropped from the sky.
There are 6 mobiles, ranging in size and price from $35 to $90, 3 in graphite grey, and 3 in shimmering white.
feel free to contact me with further questions or to order.

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