15 October 2010

Lovers make music for the future of friendship

amongst light flares, medicinal plants+god's eyes

The BFFs in their magical alley behind the homes they make together

the album art for DarkLight, with paintings by Cubby Berk

Lovers playing inside Room 207 at Portland's Independent fashion event, Content09

A few of my favorite people made an amazing new album:
Buy the new record "Dark Light" from Portland's Lovers here
and read a bit more about them here
I am over the moon about these girls, as friends + musicians.. a certain very special lady in my heart is one third of this tight trio of radical, hilarious, authentic BFFs.
I am so proud to share in some of the art direction for their new album and website, loversarelovers.com-we have collaborated on the band's photo shoots, styling and projects together for the past 2 years (they played inside my Ace hotel room for Content09 ) and we continue to inspire each other
, excited for what the future holds.
Look for a feature on the band in next month's Nylon magazine- the issue is a special one about Portland. Also, they look really hot in my jewelry, don't you think?


casey said...

great photos!

sword+fern said...

thanks casey! you're not so bad yrself.

magic is pyramidically attracting you to me