18 July 2012

We got out of Rain Jail!

new herbal teas in the shop, gemstones included 
telle+rex of ISWAS+WILLBE jewelry-I love these kids.

ANN-YA's metallic leather goods in the shop--DISCO FRINGE COLLAR, people! One rose gold left in the shop now.

ISWAS+WILLBE's new necklaces

Captain Blankenship fragrances

gemstone+flower essences from Worts+Cunning

lovely friend Emily Katz+her pup Donut

Ltd. Edition pink weed tops by ANN-YA: sold out in a record two days.

fancy man in a fancy suit!

cute people in the shop

Hi Andy!! Andy Lifschutz and all the amazing chunky rings of his own design

My new cast Crystal ring, a gift from my dear friend Andy Lifschutz..coming soon to the shop!

Designer +musician of Tu Fawning Liza Rietz.. love her dress and Hazel Cox earrings

Designer Emily Ryan in her amazing constellation dress
Cute Buddies..Photographer Carlie Armstrong+Anja Verdugo of ANN-YA +Clever Nettle
Thanks everyone for coming out to First Friday..it was so nice to see your faces, it was a sweet summer celebration. 

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Anonymous said...

Lovely! Looks like it was wonderful turn out and a great time!

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