13 July 2012

Sword+Fern :digital witch! by Anja Verdugo of clever nettle

Digital Witch! 
Check out the loveliest piece of press we’ve ever received: 
Local Canadian fashion designer, vintage curator,blogger, community enthusiast and magic collector Anja Verdugo of Clever Nettle and ANN-YA recently visited the shop+studio. 
Please visit her Etsy store, she updates her vintage super often-and she’s a self-described ‘summer goth’ (or was it ‘pink -goth?’) so as a result,is chock full of rad 90’s gear..and follow her on twitter, where she talks about her pet bird riding the “real life cat-bus” :-)
and come by S+F soon to touch her latest creations:
mirrored and metallic pink, blue, and silver leather clutches,keychains with embossed cats, coin purses,bracelets,summer crop tops w/ hot pink weed print (**!!!**)and even a metallic mirrored fringed leather collar (++!++) —I will post photos soon—This is the type of 3-D disco stuff only those mystical Canadians whom I adore can do, and S+F is the perfect home for it all. Thanks, Anja!!
Here is her sweet shop review, with gorgeous photos by her as well. 
 ”Sword + Fern is probably my favorite shop in the entire city. It is located in the 811 E. Burnside building along with more of the best local boutiques, a place should should definitely definitely visit. The Sword + Fern shop houses an extensive number of amazing goods, each chosen carefully by owner, jewelry designer and digital witch extraordinaire, Emily Baker. My favorite thing to do when I am in the shop is to SMELL EVERYTHING from the shop’s apothecary while Emily shares her awesome magical plant knowledge- she grows a lot of plants at home and harvests herbs and plants in the wild, and also knows what’s up with their traditional and medicinal uses. Smudge sticks, tinctures, resin incense (I am obsessed with this), perfumes, lotions, gemstone-infused tea, beeswax candles, lavender oil… total olfactory paradise. Great smells aside, the shop also carries work from cool folks from near and far- local favorites like the Portland Black Lipstick Company and plainMADE textiles, to rad posters from Debbie Carlos and perfumes from Captain Blankenship. You can follow the Sword + Fern tumblr for up-to-date info on cool new arrivals and shop events. Right now you can even see some new ANN-YA leather goods, and some super special hot pink weed print crop tops, because it’s SUMMER. Just go there already!”-Clever Nettle

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