04 February 2012

Winter Light

After recovering from a week of getting hit with a January sick bug, I had a chance to bring some much-anticipated life into the shop.
Fresh plum blossoms opened in yesterday's sunlight and gold-dipped Japanese Aucuba leaves soak up the window rays.I couldn't help taking multiple macro shots of my Lunaria seedheads with the sun shining through.
new to the shop:
-The sale shelf, with new and vintage from 20-50% off
- New re-stock of Debbie Carlos poster prints: Owl profile, flowers spilling, mountains in fog, forest.Not all are displayed, ask me for more
-Wildcrafted white sage bundles, from Native land in Central California, where First Nations tribal elders harvest and re-plant native species of Salvia apiana or Buffalo sage. All proceeds go to tribal efforts.
-My dad, the sweet scientist, gave me a scientific lightbox years ago and I finally put it to use in the shop, displaying slices of banded agates, vintage slides, and recycled glass pieces..looks really cool at dusk with it all lit up and the neon light pushing the patterns and scenes through the dark..
Happy Late Winter to all..see you soon

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