08 February 2012

Healing Signs of Spring

My fingers are still tingling from yesterday's harvesting adventure along the banks of the Columbia.
One of my favorite signs of spring are the young reddish green Nettles sprouting up, ready to heal all my winter ailments.
February, the dreariest part of winter, always gets me thinking and re-evaluating my state of wellness and health- emotionally, physically, and mentally.
Like any good Northwesterner, I go to to our forests for retreat and focus.
Winter is a great time to gather herbs like young nettles & black cottonwood buds and take long breaths and enjoy the endless expansive views.
Nettles are one of the richest sources of magnesium and iron that you can find- they contain 860 mg of magnesium per 100 grams of nettle, and they are free!
One of the basic reasons it's so important to maintain your magnesium levels is because it helps all your major organs deal with the overwhelming amount of toxins we are exposed to in the world everyday.
I happened to read one of my favorite blogs last night, Seattleite artist/stylist Ashley Helvey, and she mentioned she was reading some articles about magnesium deficiency.
Here is the link to a great blog that focuses on the benefits of maintaining your magnesium- she mentions it helps everything from insomnia to Lou Gehrig's sufferers.

I'll be adding lots of new beauties to the apothecary very soon in the spirit of spring de-toxing and wellness boosts- bulk herbal teas, new tinctures, aromatherapy sprays, and organic fragrances..check back in the coming months for new additions..
In the meantime I still need to check out Loyly spa, get a massage, get a haircut... anything to get myself out of the bottom of the winter barrel..

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