07 April 2011

New Arrival: Objects from Up in the Air Somewhere

Just arrived in the shop are handmade paper +ceramic bowls from Chicago designer Susan Dwyer.
A small selection of her gilded, lemon, peach, and ocean painted diminutive vessels are lovingly handmade with a delicate faded,washed detailing that looks like they came from a place that knows the future of the sun.
The pieces are perfect for holding treasures from spices to keys to earrings to air plants or simply sitting alone on the shelf to soak up sun and wishes.
Says Susan of her work: 
"...I'm creating a line of housewares inspired by the beautiful forms found in industrial architecture. Water towers, warehouses, factories, and silos are abundant in Chicago and endlessly fascinating to me. Although I work in different mediums (paper mache, ceramic, fiber, etc.), my work has always been primarily focused on volume and form rather than ornamentation and surface. The simplicity and utility of the industrial landscape is a constant influence on my work."
Come enjoy and touch, each piece is priced under $50.

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