12 March 2011

Sundays and Mondays are darkened

..because I am sitting in the magic seat, building new jewels to send out near, far, and to set upon the emptied shelves of the yesterdays.
here's a peek of the shop after dark..
the moontree knows all
dark branches of nighteyes,arrangement of forced plum blossoms in white.
lonely leather+birch lamppost necklace
vintage brass money clips keep everything safetight
heather gabriel's smoky crackled dishes hold quiet
tillandsias stay awake through the evening
pattern after pattern, chained to the moon
seashells in a dish sing quiet nightwave songs.chocolate brown fern imprinted plate, by chayo wilson.
disco cotton wrapped bangles in nightclubbing bright colors
antique bottles, pyrite/fool's gold post earrings, a tiny dala horse are here to welcome you to the night rainbow.
dusk dancing succulent
a pendulum for the sleepwalker: guide necklace, $65.
the kaleidoscope origami globe tells all, $45.
from the apothecary: healing flower essences by shayne case.sleep to dream.$15 each.
sneak peek of first friday april's show: the accidental intentions of ms. dora morgan. found stencil remnants on wax paper.

handmade ceramic vases hold secrets.fern, rainbow, crystal, by megan bogonovich.$40.
cross pillow and organic lavender filled pillows, $30 each.

delicate porcelain chain whisper-swings from the ceiling. megan bogonovich, various prices.
rolls of vintage paper-brown, sliver, yellow mesh, lots of vintage maps.dreamjournal maker, come here.$2/foot.
call, email, or text me to make arrangements to visit the shop
or work on custom pieces at any odd hour. 
longer hours resume spring+summer.

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