04 March 2011

New Stockist: Alternative Apparel Store on Abbott Kinney in Venice

I'm excited to share that Sword+Fern jewels will soon be available at the new Alternative Apparel clothing store on Abbott Kinney in Venice Beach!
VPs of retail for the store came by the shop and discovered my line while in Portland over the holidays- they felt we had a similar voice and aesthetic and made contact.
I'll be sending them a collection of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in time for their flagship store opening on Earth Day this year-April 22.
I checked out their blog and photos of the store under construction- looks like they will use a lot of reclaimed woods and metals for the interior-so nice.
Here's a couple shots from their site:

the new sword+fern bracelets they'll carry

from their blog-
..."A reflection of his community-centered creative vision, [Co-founder+Chief creative officer] Greg Alterman says, “We wanted the space to serve not just as a retail store,” he emphasizes, “but as a community venue that really captures the creative energy of the Alternative brand and lifestyle.”

 The store's aesthetics are centered on creative and natural details that go beyond reclaiming old wood and recycled materials, though- they also plan to design a lush garden space where edible and organic flowers will grow for in-store arrangements, offer yoga sessions on the back deck, plan charity fundraisers, and exhibit art shows as well.. sounds like a few of my favorite things are going to be nestled right next to my jewelry in beautiful L.A.!
They don't know it yet-but they're going to get a sweet bonus in their shipment from me-a Lovers DarkLight album to play loud and clear at the opening party-!


Scintilla said...

so happy for you! how lucky they are to have your jewels and the lover's music. beautiful. congrats !!

sword+fern said...

thanks scintilla spark!!

andrewhudson said...

Good sharing, found nice collection. thanks scintilla!
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