20 October 2010

the strong rainbow light of good health +spirit flowers will take care of you

we all have this wish.sword+fern hopes for good health for everyone.

photography by megan holmes- new work in light boxes.

very old slides, encased in glass and metal.
the colors are incredible when the sun shows through. i strung them up like a necklace of rainbow light in the window. $12 each.

it's october and my hardy fuchsias just opened. the most amazing flame color.
they greet you at the front door. they have a delicate toughness and this makes them an appropriate spirit flower for sword+fern. they made it through last winter and deal well with unintentional neglect.

orange labyrinth dream pillows, stuffed entirely with organic lavender flowers, $30 each.

new sword+fern amulets, with leather, gold, agate, shell, found hardware, driftwood.
hung on the wall next to delicate ceramic necklaces by eden batki. $70-$80 each.

tangled gold paper paintings. $75 each, a series of 6.

powdered pigments in hand-labeled tiny glass vials with cork tops,$16 each.
used to paint ceramics. mix well with linseed oil +lavender essential oil.


Sweet Ronit said...

Emily - the shop is looking so pretty! I hope you're open on Friday so I can enjoy it all in person...

sword+fern said...

i am open today! friday! 10/22

magic is pyramidically attracting you to me