22 October 2010

Potential Amulets

amulets: objects to protect your person from trouble, could be a gem, a coin, a statue, a drawing, a plant, an animal,
or some music, a special teacup, or a textile.

 chelsea heffner's silk scarves hang on the wall in handsome shades of chestnut, pumpkin, cement, nutmeg, the color of the insides of seeds and your teeth when you smile

 i found some empty glass vials and filled them with salts, quartz, sage, charms, silk, chain, prisms, matches, ribbons, shell. 
each one is different. a little tag tells what's inside.bury it in your backyard or give it to your long lost friend

 vintage soft silk calico jacket, $44.
 wooden bowl with spoon, for salts, tea, treasures.$22.

 hanging nest bowls, by Fort(Bklyn), for holding plants, rocks, spices. $18 each.
 carved gemstone pieces, for holding watercolors, incense, jewelry, seeds.$10.
a set of vintage stoneware teacups, $16.
 vintage japanese ceramic portioned plate. for holding, organizing. set of 3, $26.
 monogrammed colorful cotton handkerchiefs. U,S,T,E,G. $4 each.

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Sweet Ronit said...

I just love those amulets! They seem both powerful yet charming at the same time.

The shop is so full of pretty goodness - I'm coming in with my camera (er, and my wallet) stat!

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