28 October 2010

Stick it to the man, Brought to you by the Ace Hotel +Eat/Shop Guides and endorsed by extensive use of parentheticals

For the entire duration of October(what's left of it), November, and none of December(the promo ends Dec.1), you can receive 10%off at a bunch of participating businesses (including tiny lil' Sword+Fern) by showing your Ace Hotel Key + mentioning "Stick it to the man" when you shop.
You don't have to really say that when you come in. Actually, please don't.
I am super honored to be featured in the 2010 edition of the Portland Eat/Shop guides.(!!!!!!!)
Also featured is my good buddy and fabulous BakerGoddess, Morgan of Dovetail Bakery!
I am sure there are lots of other ruling Portland businesses inside the tiny little book of new places to which you will want to haunt.
There is also an IPhone app. version of the guide coming out, which you can grab for yourself to make it easier to hunt down all the local, independent bizzes the authors focus on.
Thanks so much to the lovely founder+author, Kaie Wellmann, for loving me back.
The book is due out this month! Come shop!

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