01 February 2010

i like today

psychedelic oregon coast with my google phone camera
log cabin record player
kerby and i in a movie when we were tweens
alley carpenter and backwoods quarterback last summer
oregon coast crazy shanty
treasure hands
sunshadows of portland
charley in a blanket
charley with a stick
sheridans' has an extensive selection of interesting bubbly drinks
osborn shoes for kerby at stand up
indian planetarium slash ashram
supermarket sarah madness, genius
abstracts by brooke wandall of pennsylvania. i am hoping she has time to have a show in my shop.

BLESS 3d glasses
homespun crap from IKO IKO

what do you like today?


Scintilla said...

oooh! i love this post. i can just snuggle up in each image. i want to move into the shanty, try on the 3d glasses with kerby's shoes and hold that collection of seashells! xoxo

Lady Lavona said...

love & magick! xo Lavona

magic is pyramidically attracting you to me