07 February 2010

BE NOT AFRAID. we'll play you songs on Valentine's day.

Holocene presents...
{{{ LOVEWAVE }}} : A Valentine's Day Experience.
Featuring one-of-a-kind collaborative sets from...
Ana Rodriguez & Ethan Jayne (Magic Johnson/Total Bros)
Dan Wilson & Brighid Thomas (Sigmund Henry)
Dusty Springfeelins (Rock set by Emily & Kerby -
of DJ New Moon Poncho)

A rare dj set by Miracles Club link
Linger & Quiet link
DJ Linoleum & Legolas
Brkfst Sndwch & Magic Impact
We've assembled a slew of our favorite musically inclined Portland couples for a night of unique collaborations.

Whether they've hardly played together or they'vejust never played together like this, these sets will be one-of-a-kind romantic expressions. Valentine's Day may be a greeting card holiday, but it sure as heck doesn't mean you can't have some fun: catch the wave! The looooovewave!

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