22 September 2012

Medicine of the People now in the New World Apothecary

In honor of the fall equinox and the change of seasons today, we have been stocking the NewWorld Apothecary with deep healing medicines for fall+winter.New in the shop:Medicine of the People-traditonal Navajo salves+creams,handmade by Virginia Boone in Marana, Arizona. 
A brief history of their company: 
”...In 1995 my partner Leonard Marcus and I started a company called Dine Be Azee (Medicine of the People), using traditional knowledge of Plants that was given to me by my father, Sam Boone.My memories of my dad selling herbs on the Navajo Reservation and of his belief that “in order to heal himself he had to help his people” were the inspiration for our company, medicine and products.For many years we have traveled to Powwows, Conferences and Native American events, selling herbs for medicinal and ceremonial use. We have crafted herbal salves and made creams, massage oils and tinctures from native plants we have gathered. As our company has grown we have added wholesale distribution in an effort to get our products out to a broader audience. Medicine of the people products are sold at over one hundred mostly Native American cultural centers, museums, casinos and health food stores across the country.”
I feel really lucky to be able to carry these healing medicines in S+F, come experience them soon. I first came across Medicine of The People in Tucson a few years ago,and am so happy to bring it home to share with Portland. Their pinon salve is the most amazing scent I have ever tried- sweet and spicy and feels like desert treasure.In stock now are their Pinon; White Sage; Juniper-Lavender-Sage;and Sore Joint salves, White Sage moisturizer, and Pinon Sap creams.The blends are traditional Navajo herbs in a beeswax/calendula base.Support First Nations Elders and buy their deep medicines.

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