14 June 2012

Meet me at the ocean, the river, the bluffs, summer is here

So many new things in the shop this week- new re-stocks in vintage, apothecary, jewelry, and more:

hand painted metal tulip planter
chrome terra cotta planter/pot

gradient washed turquoise/white ceramic cup

pair of cobalt blue checkered teacups

stacks of japanese partitioned ceramic white plates

set of 4 handmade ceramic blue-washed mugs, so much prettier in person!

vintage metallic twine from Malaysia,gold, green, or black

brass money clips,axe shaped or fancy rectangles, plus simple, plain engravable ones

brass dish with Egyptian goddess/god detail, prolly King Tut, R.I.P., the fateful boy King..

two new Debbie Carlos photo prints, forest and trees in a clearing

I brought back a very limited supply (only 5 bottles!)of 14 ml.French lavender essential oil from the flower markets of Nice, France--reminds May of her Grandma in Grenoble..Lavender oil is a natural bug repellant and my favorite, simple, clean scent for every day.

S+F New World Apothecary signature all-purpose healing balms, Easy Mind(lavender), Forest View(fir+ginger), and Strong Heart(rose)

hand harvested white sage, cedar,desert sage, and juniper smudge wands from First Nations People of California. This Buffalo sage (Salvia apiana) is re-planted as it is being harvested on Native land.Smells mystical burnt or unburnt..

palo santo/holy wood incense sticks from Peru - such a strong, musky, smoky scent.Wrapped in bright cotton. Burn this to bring good energy and de-toxification into your space. I have also read that it has anti- cancer medicinal qualities.

triple-wrap cotton bracelets made from reclaimed sari textiles.

lots of ocean-hued, new pieces of recycled glass jewelry

new design- the Libra necklace- it slides around and lands in balance however you wear it. In amethyst purple,ocean green, clear blue, sky blue

giant golden goddess hoops with rough amethyst and turquoise gems

new summer hours begin JUNE 20! Now open wed-sun from 11-7!
some sounds to start your summer with.. Gui Boratto + ocean waves in your ears..CU SOON 

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