04 December 2011

New Collection: Radiant Energy

I released this collection a little while ago, but just now realized I forgot to post it here--
I made a small collection of primarily recycled glass pieces for an installation in collaboration with glass object artist Kendal Hathaway, the show runs from December 4-30th 2011, in Phoenix, Arizona.(they're all currently for sale there)
excerpt from Kendal's blog about the origin of the show:

"While I was in Oregon this summer doing my art residency I came across Emily Baker's shop/studio called Sword + Fern and instantly feel in love with her glass jewelry.  We both work in glass in completely different ways but similar overall aesthetic.  I am soooo happy that we were able to pull the show together living miles apart."
i will post photos of the gallery show asap!
Part of Radiant Energy will soon be available over on Portland photographer Lisa Warninger's site, Urban Weeds , and all the pieces can be ordered through the shop by emailing: sales[at]swordandfern.com
Winter Collection 2011: Radiant Energy
telepathy necklace

gemini daughter necklace

astronomer necklace

astrologer necklace

cirrus necklace

taurus necklace

nine dimensions necklace

ursa necklace

aurora necklace

shelter necklace

capricorn necklace
photos: ©sword+fern


Chelsea said...

LOVE love that taurus necklace....geeeze

sword+fern said...

OOXX! Chelsea! thank you!

Under The Root said...


magic is pyramidically attracting you to me