02 December 2011

New arrival: Early Jewelry

gold and antler necklace 
phases of the moon gold+sterling hoop earrings

brass/wool/leather bangles

bone and sterling hoop earrings

raw silk and horseshoe nail necklace

alpaca wool necklace with dyed black antler

quartz and sterling earrings

Welcome to the shop: Early jewelry, by recent Lawrence, KS>>Portland transplant, Kylie Grater. 
Kylie's been a solid fixture in the independent jewelry design community since 2007, working in varied organic materials- wood, bone, antler, leather, and gemstones.
Now, living in Portland, the designer is kindling a love for all things Pacific Northwest. 
Come by and view her new works: dark, striking statement pieces with dyed black antler, bone+brushed alpaca wool, and simple, everyday sterling+gold fill hoop earrings created in the shapes of moon phases. These pieces are truly special.

More about Early:
Kylie Earlene Grater’s farm beginnings in Riley, Kansas lend a unique aesthetic to her original pieces. Growing up in the rural Midwest, she was able to look out onto the Plains, their vast horizons, and crops that rotated with the seasons.The simplicity of rural life, the changing of the weather, and the cycles of planting, and harvesting have all influenced Kylie’s approach to creating jewelry. Her close contact with these organic influences, in part, determines her materials: feather, bone, and leather, to name a few.

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