11 November 2011

Recommended Inspiration: Mottainai: The Fabric of Life- Lessons in Frugality from Traditional Japan

rope and textiles made form kudzu

yarn from cast-off cotton scraps

sashiko  stitching, used to re-inforce older fabrics for continued use

We woke up early this morning to view the fall colors at the Portland Japanese Garden and had the good fortune of happening upon the  Mottainai Installation -- if you are a textile junkie like me, it's not to be missed!
A display of intricate, gorgeous textiles created in Japan over a century ago with found, natural elements like linden bark, wisteria vines, and kudzu, woven with cast-off cotton scraps in an effort to use everything and waste nothing.. "All of the textiles and garments on view were made from bast fibers foraged from the forest, or patched and quilted together from second-hand scraps of cotton garments of city-dwellers who traded their hand-me-downs with the farmers for rice and vegetables."
On view now at the Portland Japanese Garden

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